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Illumination, Medallion IX PDF

M10I.machine w chicken_RS.jpg
1. pre binding
M10I.machine w chicken_RS.jpg
1. pre binding

Illumination, Medallion IX PDF


Illuminate your path

Difficulty: Beginner

Reverse appliqué pattern – Hand & Machine directions

(36" x 36" or 56" x 56")

Fill your home with vibrant life and light with Illumination.

Two great options with this medallion with it's bursting design.  Make it as a 36" medallion or add the 10" borders to grow the medallion into a 56" lap quilt.  Pattern has directions for hand and machine creation for each size.

Making by machine- if you carefully cut the shapes out of the center medallion, you just use these to make the appliqued borders.  You won't need any more fabric or borders.


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This Pattern has two pattern pieces. Patterns print on paper that is:  Center Medallion - 36" x 40"; Border and Corner Block - 24" x 37"


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Island Batik materials used:

  • The 36" x 36"  hand example of Illumination uses the Wind & Sea collection- 111609283(top fabric), 111612265(background) and 111608286(binding)
  • The 56" x 56" machine Illumination with optional borders, uses their Spring Zing collection- 111614336 (top fabric), 111610335(binding) and from Blenders-BE24-A1(background)

finished dimensions: 36 in x 36 in or 56" x 56"

materials required for 36" x 36":

  • background fabric:1 1/4 yards of light fabric*
  • top fabric: 1 1/4 yds of medium or dark fabric*
  • backing fabric: 1 1/4 yds   
  • batting: 1 1/4 yds 
  • binding: 1/3 yard
  • for machine applique only: 36 in x 36 in piece of paper-backed iron-on fusible webbing

materials required for 56" x 56":

  • background fabric:2 3/4 yards of fabric*
  • top fabric: 1 1/3 yds of fabric**
  • backing fabric: 4 yds   
  • batting: 64" x 64" 
  • binding: 1/2 yard
  • for machine applique only: 36 in x 40 in piece of paper-backed iron-on fusible webbing, as per pattern directions

*when making by machine, you can use a dark material for your background fabric and/or a light material for your top.

**when making 56" version by hand, you will need 1 1/2 yards of top fabric to applique the borders.