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Reverse Hand And Machine Applique Technique Tutorial PDF

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2014-10-01 08.21.20.jpg
2014-10-01 08.21.41.jpg

Reverse Hand And Machine Applique Technique Tutorial PDF


Haven't Done Reverse Applique By Hand Or Machine Yet? Let Us Help!

Learn Eye of the Beholder's low-stress technique for reverse applique by using this tutorial booklet - chock-full of pictures and step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process. It covers our methods for both hand and machine applique: 

  • Trace! Baste! Snip! & Stitch! for hand, and
  • Trace! Iron! Snip! & Sew! PLUS Appli-quilting! for machine. 

Feel empowered to make your own versions of our original designs. 

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What is a Pattern PDF and how do I print it?

A Pattern PDF is a digital file of the complete pattern instructions and full-size pattern pieces.  You will also be emailed Welcome Notes.

After purchase, a link to the Pattern PDF will be sent to you automatically – click the link to get your pattern.  This link expires after 24 hours, but we can re-send it to you if you have any trouble. Just email us at admin@eobquiltdesign.com

  •  All pattern booklets are 8.5” x 11” and can be printed on an in-home printer.
  •  The full-size pattern pieces will need to be put on a USB stick and taken to a copy shop that can print in large format. 
  •  This will be an additional expense for you. However, a Pattern PDF is priced at 25% off the print pattern price because of this additional expense to you.
  •  Please check in your area that you have a copy shop that can print the pattern for you before purchasing.

This Pattern prints on paper that is: 8.5" x 11" Can print on in-home printer.


If this seems complicated…

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