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Hearts & Fleurs Workshop, Amherst, NH

  • Quilting Away to a Pieceful Life 17 Old Nashua Road Amherst, NH, 03031 United States (map)

Hearts & Fleurs by Hand or Machine Reverse Applique

Hearts & Fleurs table runner    (13” x 36”). Hand

Hearts & Fleurs table runner (13” x 36”). Hand

July 9 & 10, 11:00 am - 5:00 pm


Quilting Away to a Pieceful Life, Amherst, NH

De- mystify with knowledge and skill as you learn all the steps needed to make the Hearts & Fleurs table runner by Eye of the Beholder Quilt Designs.  With our thorough step-by-step directions and your imagination you too can make this simple, yet elegant table runner.  This pattern looks fabulous in a multitude of fabric combinations, so let your imagination go wild.

This design can be re-created by you by hand or machine.  Our workshop will present both processes, so can accommodate those who want to machine this piece, or hand create it.

Find the FUN of reverse appliqué done the Eye of the Beholder way, whether by hand or machine.  Learn how fun and easy it can be to needle-turn by hand, and faster and easier still by machine with Appli-quilting.

Trace! Baste! Snip! & Stitch! for hand reverse needle-turn appliqué gives you great control over your piece, allowing you to have sharp points, crisp corners and graceful circles.  You will love the results you get, and you don’t get hung up on the pins.  I will lead you step-by-step through the process, start to finish, empowering you to do reverse appliqué, and do it like a pro!

To reverse applique by machine you Trace! Iron! Snip! & Sew!. Machine appliqué, or Appli-quilt, and you are done. Get pointers on how to satin stitch like a pro with smooth curves and crisp points and corners.   Learn with others and experience the fun and beauty of reverse appliqué by machine.

Come join the fun!

Supply List

Fabric suggestions- Batiks are the best, and are strongly recommended for your success with this project.  They are tightly woven, have a fine hand, and don’t fray as much as other cottons.  These qualities make it easier to turn under.  Additionally, they are rich in color and texture. We recommend you Pre-wash and iron all fabrics before first class.

Required: Hearts & Fleurs, table runner II pattern - $18.00 print

Hearts & Fleurs pattern by Eye of the Beholder makes a 13 ½” x 36” table runner. Pattern includes full-sized pattern piece and step by step directions for hand and machine reverse appliqué. Pattern available from us or Quilting Away to a Pieceful Life.

This sample was created by hand reverse applique.

This sample was created by hand reverse applique.

 For Hand

  • 18” x 40” of light batik for background (you will need to be able to see the pattern through this fabric for tracing the design onto fabric)

  • 18” x 40” of medium – dark batik for top

  • No. 7 Sharps needle for basting

  • No. 11 Milliners needle for appliqué

  • 1 Spool of Button/ hand quilting thread for basting (CONTRASTING COLOR to top batik)

  • 1 Spool of thread for stitching (SAME COLOR as top batik)

  • 1 pair small, sharp scissors

  • 20-30 safety pins for pin basting, or straight pins

  • Mechanical pencil or Frixion gel pen for tracing pattern onto wrong side of light background batik

Practice piece: provided.

Helpful items: Light box (to trace design onto background fabric); Needle threader for small-eyed needle; scotch tape         

This sample was created by machine with appli-quilting.

This sample was created by machine with appli-quilting.

For Machine:

Fabric option: When creating by machine, you have the option to choose a medium-dark fabric for the background, and a light fabric for the top. For machine, you trace the design onto the paper side of your fusible.

  • 18” x 40” of batik material for background

  • 18” x 40” of contrasting/ coordinating batik material for top

  • 13 ½” x 36” paper-backed, iron on fusible paper (we recommend Soft Fuse)

  • Safety pins/ pins for pin basting

  • Marking pencil for tracing onto the paper side of your fusible

  • Iron, ironing surface

  • Small, sharp scissors

  • Thread that matches or goes well with your top fabric for machine reverse appliqué/ Appli-quilting

For Appli-quilting option (machine only):

  • 18” x 40” piece of batik fabric for backing

  • 18” x 40”piece of batting.

  • Safety pins for pin basting

Practice piece: 1 – 8” x 11” piece each of top fabric, background fabric, batting, backing, paper-backed iron-on fusible, and either 1 - 8” x 11” rectangle of add-in stabilizer, or Terial Magic spray-on stabilizer.

Helpful items: Scotch tape; If NOT Appli-quilting:Terial Magic spray-on stabilizer or 18” x 40” stabilizer. If Appli-quilting: Spray Adhesive or safety pins for basting.

To sign up, click the link https://www.quiltingaway.com/ or call (603) 721-2356 .