Eye of the Beholder

original applique patterns inspired by the world around us

Wholesale Contact Form

If you are a company interested in stocking our patterns, please complete the request below. You will be sent some further details, allowing you to place your wholesale order online. 

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Wholesale Information

  • Minimum order quantity: 3 patterns, Laser-cut kits per design and Reverse Applique Revealed Booklets ( i.e. 3 Vintage Jewel, 3 Majesty, 3 Hearts & Fleurs Laser cut kit,etc.)

  • Orders over $150 receive free shipping. (For international customers, orders over $400 receive free shipping.)

  • We can also make a sample for your shop. You choose from the following options:

  • 1. We offer a selection of designs that we will make you a Shop Sample, with a minimum purchase of $500.00.

  • OR

  •      2.    We will make a sample of the design of your choice with a purchase of 50 patterns/Laser Cut Kits of that design.  Further details in follow-up email.

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