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Marrakesh, Finishing Touches

People say it takes a village to raise a child.  Well, it takes a quilting group to complete a quilt. From stitching to quilting to binding, the creation of Marrakesh, Table Runner V, was a group effort. (Learn about its creation in the Marrakesh blogs: machine and hand.)

EOB Elf Shari hand quilting.

EOB Elf Shari hand quilting.

Monday, January 5, was the first meeting of my quilting group in 2015.

 We meet in my home every other Monday, when I'm not on the road, to quilt and chat.  I love these ladies, six of us in all, and I love this time together. We share our lives and the projects we're working on.  We inspire each other with our unique creative twists and teach each other the stitching tricks we have learned.

On the 5th, it was all about me.  All hands stitching away on one version or another of Marrakesh, Table Runner V to help me finish my new designs for Island Batik.

In this group are two of my EOB Elves, and for Marrakesh, hand and machine, I had both of their talents stitching on a deadline, plus a little help from my friends.

EOB Elf Ruth Ann stitching on binding.

EOB Elf Ruth Ann stitching on binding.

We were all in the final stretch.  Shari was hand quilting one Marrakesh, while Ruth Ann was sewing the binding on the machine version.  I was sewing on binding for Majesty, another new design for Island Batik.

Our two hours together flew by.  By the end of quilting group Shari was still quilting, and the binding was half done.  Paulette, an honorary EOB Elf took the machine Marrakesh home to finish sewing on its binding, while Shari packed up the hand version to finish at home.

I picked up the bound machine Marrakesh early Wednesday, and the hand quilted Marrakesh that same afternoon.  Its binding was stitched by me on Thursday.

Hand version. Step one of sewing on its binding.

Hand version. Step one of sewing on its binding.

A group effort all the way around, like in the old days.  Its so wonderful to have talented, thoughtful Elves and friends. Thank you.

And now Marrakesh Table Runner V is ready using fabrics from Island Batik's Spring Collection/ 2015. Red and yellow, created by hand with fabrics from Bar-B-Q, and earth tones with gold by machine with fabrics from Countryside. 

After you make your Marrakesh, consider making Moroccan cuisine for dinner, set your table with this piece and enjoy a touch of elegance with a taste of Morocco. 

Marrakesh, table runner V. Hand and machine.