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Christmas Berries gets new life! Spring Berries


Christmas Berries, Medallion VII was released in 2013.  It was the first pattern I created that added applique to the reverse applique work of the design. See our Technique Tutorial Adding a Third Material-Applique.

 I designed it in classic red & Green Christmas colors. But the design itself wasn’t on a Christmas theme.  It was the fabrics that created the seasonal aspect.  Customers have loved it because it’s Christmas without being overtly Christmas.

 I’ve always dreamed of remaking it in non-Christmas colors.

 In 2016 was teaching at Quilted Threads, a shop in Henniker, NH.  I always look at the batiks when I’m teaching at a shop.  Every shop owner has their own unique eye for fabric and color, and so what they stock in is different than what my wonderful local shops do. 

As I look I dream. 

new spring M7CB.corner_RS.jpg

I try to challenge myself to put color and fabric design combinations together that are not my “usual” way.  It’s a little game I play with myself to keep growing. I listen to see if a fabric calls to mind an existing pattern or a new design I’m contemplating.  I can always find new batiks to bring home, and that day wasn’t any different.

 What came to mind was my Christmas Berries, Medallion VII pattern.  I was considering a red, white and blue combination, but those fabrics weren’t speaking to me.  Then I stumbled upon a pretty orchid batik and a green print. 

I don’t tend to design much in green.  Though I have nothing against the color, I’m not drawn to it.  I also find that the green in most batiks is olivey, which is even less my kind of green.

new spring M7CB.angled_RS.jpg

 But on this day, I liked this green print. It had a subtle flower pattern, with bits of ice blue and lavendar in it.  Unfortunately the fabric doesn’t read well in any of my pictures.  It tends to photograph muddy and brownish.  That’s the lavender in it mixing with the green. 

 When I got home, the orchid, which I originally intended for the background fabric, was just not working for me.  It was too strong to have that much orchid showing.  So I began to look for a light blue.  Believe it or not, I didn’t have any of the right shade and value of blue in my stash. 

But my sister said, she had a blue that was light with lavender mixed into it.  When she came to visit, she brought it with her.  It was perfect, I thought.

new spring M7CB.bottom_RS.jpg

 So the process began to create Spring Berries: a green frame reverse appliqued onto the light blue, with orchid berry accents. I encourage you to think outside the box of what a pattern looks like. Trust your own instincts and challenge yourself to try something new.

 Enjoy the transformation of Christmas Berries Medallion VII into a wall-hanging for Easter/ spring.

Classic red and green fro Christmas Berries.

Classic red and green fro Christmas Berries.

Christmas Berries transformed into Spring Berries. Hand reverse applique, hand applique, hand quilted.

Christmas Berries transformed into Spring Berries. Hand reverse applique, hand applique, hand quilted.