Eye of the Beholder

original applique patterns inspired by the world around us

...And we are Introduced

I love color, design and creating acts of beauty!   It's a joyful challenge to give life to an expression of the heart, whether a dance that I've choreographed or a new design stitched and quilted in living color.

Margaret Brewster Willingham

Margaret Brewster Willingham

I've sewed since my Mom taught me at 11 years of age, and have quilted in earnest since 1995. And I've been a teacher and choreographer of classical Ballet and Modern dance for 40 years.   

I want to share my loves, experience, inspirations and thoughts in this blog. You'll learn some tips to make it easier and more fun for you to stitch your creations, and be inspired to try something you've never tried before.  I'll share with you the tools I use and why I like them.  I'll share quotes about creativity...yes, I'm a quote collector, too.

I am inspired by sidewalk grates, folk art, tire rims, the Victorian era, Bach and Beethoven, and pithy sayings that encapsulate truths.  I am spurred on by love, friendship and God.  He made a world splattered with gratuitous beauty, and, in my small way, I try to do the same. 

All of my patterns have been inspired by the world around us.  Every where I look there are quilt designs waiting to be envisioned in a rainbow of colorful fabrics.

 I love it!   Creating is fun, and gives me peace. I hope it gives you fun, joy and peace too.  Happy Quilting!