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Marrakesh for Machine

Fabrics from Island Batik Countryside Collection(2015)

Fabrics from Island Batik Countryside Collection(2015)

I have so much fun putting my designs into fabric.  It doesn't matter whether its my first time or a repeat making.  Something different always happens to the design when combined with color and the design in the fabric itself.

That excitement is even greater when it is the first time, like this time, for a new design. I wait with anticipation to see how what I envision comes to life. 

With Marrakesh  I got to choose two combinations; one for hand and another for machine creation techniques.  My original planning and naming of the table runner was with the fabrics for the hand version in mind. You'll have to read the Marrakesh for hand blogs to find out what I chose for them.  But I love brainstorming other fabric combinations for the same design.  For this machine created version I chose fabrics from Island Batiks new Countryside Collection(2015).  I love both combinations.

Traced on my Soft Fuse and fused to the wrong side of the top fabric.

Traced on my Soft Fuse and fused to the wrong side of the top fabric.

For the machine table runner I chose a lovely, rich fabric with pine cones and pine needles on a deep, deep navy background for the top, and a golden, acorn squash color, with tonal sunflowers, for the background fabric.  In reverse applique the design is seen as the background fabric peaks through the top fabric. These fabrics give the table runner a deep harvest look for fall.

First I traced the 20" x 60" design onto the paper side of my Soft Fuse.  (I love this stuff!)

Then I iron it onto the wrong side of my top fabric.

Next, using my small, very sharp Kai scissors, I cut out the shapes. I prefer my bent handled N5100B Kai scissors for cutting out fused fabric.

Once its all cut out, I peel the paper off and iron the top onto my background fabric.  Then I layer my fused top with my batting and backing before I machine applique.

Next, what color threads should I use? For Marrakesh I chose dark, dark navy for the machine Appli-quilting.

When searching for thread, I check my thread drawer and thread racks first.  If I don't have the color I need I head to Jo-Ann's, where I can get the best selection, in a wide array of colors. Though I've worked with a variety of threads,  I pick the thread that matches best with my project.

Now its time to take it to one of my EOB Elves for the machine stitching.  No, I can't do everything, all the time.  I only have two hands, and 24 hours in a day.  But with my EOB Elves, our hands and hours are multiplied.