Eye of the Beholder

original applique patterns inspired by the world around us

From Humble Beginnings to Majesty

Creating design with paper and scissors.

Creating design with paper and scissors.

Last summer I pulled out my little scissors and sheets of computer paper and played, like when I was a child.  I squared the sheets of paper to 8.5" and then folded and cut.

 Some I folded in quarters, some in eights,  and one I folded like when I made snowflakes as a child: half, then thirds and then half again.

Such was the humble beginnings of Majesty, Medallion IX for Island Batik to highlight their Spring 2015 collection.

Out of that night of playing, I created 3 designs that I have developed into patterns. (One is Efflorescent Daisy, which you get for free when you sign up for our Newsletter)

Later I took my cut-work design to my Graphic Designer to play with size.  Its interesting to see how size affects what you see in a design.

Majesty, Medallion IX  . from original 12" size to final size of 36" square.

Majesty, Medallion IX. from original 12" size to final size of 36" square.

As a 12" size, I saw the flourishing fronds sprouting from the center.

 As a design at 26", it possessed nothing special.

 Next I went to 36".  As it grew, the design had a focus, and I saw four crowns, which I hadn't really seen before.  Now the flourishes looked like explosive emanations from the crowns. I liked it.

Majesty, Medallion IX, is ready for fabric.