Eye of the Beholder

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Let there be light!

I love my Beam N' Read personal light! It fits around my neck easily with its adjustable elastic cord and provides a wide swath of clear, bright LED light right on my lap whether appliqueing or quilting. It is so light weight I forget I have it on and have worn it out of the house on more than one occasion.  I easily use it 2 hours a day and I've only had to change the batteries once a year.  I've never had to replace a bulb, but I could if I needed to,...and it fits in my gallon size ziploc bag with my current project, scissors, needles and thread, and goes everywhere with me.  And I mean every where!

Margaret with  Beam N Read  to aide in appliqueing.

Margaret with Beam N Read to aide in appliqueing.

But my favorite story about the Beam N Read light I sell involves my father.  

My father turns 87 this year, and he suffers from macular degeneration.  When I visited him this past August he borrowed my light to try out.  You see, he can't see very well any more but he loves to read.  He tried it and he liked it and so he got one.  After having it  a while he wrote me a note all excited! He wears it all the time!  He puts it on when he gets dressed in the morning, and wears it all day long.   He has been able to enjoy reading, playing piano and simply seeing better because he has his own personal light where ever he goes. That's the best!