Eye of the Beholder

original applique patterns inspired by the world around us

Quilting: a Creative Act of Hope

The Christmas decorations are packed away. The house is clean, at least for today. The day- the year- stretches out before me.

Though I don't make resolutions, I pack away the old year. Then I allow myself to dream... hope... and plan for the new year.  And always, quilting is part of it.  Hoping is part of it. 

Quilting, I believe, is a creative act of hope. It is forward thinking, believing in tomorrow, while being present today.


No matter the techniques you use, or the kind of quilting you like, even the fastest of methods take an investment of time and yourself.  The quilts can't be done yesterday, or even tomorrow.

Quilting is a process that unfolds, step-by-step, with beauty revealing itself.  Just like a new year.

Quilts, and the time they take, are worth it. Priceless, actually.  A journey of color.  An exploration of design. An adventure of love and learning, created one stitch at a time. 

A complete circle of blessing is created. My soul is fed when I create, praying as I stitch, and the heart of the recipient is touched.  

So today, choose your pattern and fabrics. And choose the recipient, whether someone special, or someone who needs a special touch, or for you... a touch of beauty to add warmth and grace to your own life.

 And begin!


Happy Quilting!