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New Ideas...Part 2. Creating a pattern.

Remember the wrought iron wall decor from my sister-in-law's house? ("New Ideas" blog, 11/6/13)

Photo of wall decor.

Photo of wall decor.

I've been working with the idea to create a new table runner pattern.

I began by printing out my photos at home. I then transferred the design to paper.

Next I gathered up my drawings and headed to see my graphic designer.  He scans them into the computer so my drawings could be pieced together and enlarged.

Re drawn design.

Re drawn design.

Back home again, I analyse the design, selecting the elements I think will create a cohesive, flowing design. I re-shape the curves, establishing consistency and thickness: always thinking about how it will be created in fabric.  I am attentive to the symmetry and balance...not always the same thing...attempting to honor the integrity of the overall design.  I step back to look at it.  Do I like it?   I figure if I like it, someone else will like it too.

"  Karen's Hospitality  " is ready for a trial making.

"Karen's Hospitality" is ready for a trial making.

 What size should it be? I considered my customers' recent requests for a larger table runner than my current selection of patterns.  After some trial and error I settled upon 20" x 52.5".  Yes. That will work well.

As I'm drawing and mulling, I consider the patterns name.  It's initial name was "At Karen's Table".  Then I tried "Houston Hospitality".  But I think it will be named for her and her gracious nature, "Karen's Hospitality".

Then its back to the graphic designer to fill in the design.  I used to do this by hand, but a click or two of his mouse and the pattern is done.  Like that!

I've planned that "Karen's Hospitality"  will be made using reverse applique for the bulk of the design, with the two small fleur de lis' on each end appliqued on after the reverse work is done. This is denoted on the pattern by cross hatching.

Now I need my crayons...my fabric...to create "Karen's Hospitality" in living color.

What fabrics will I choose?

Tune in for New Ideas: Part 3 to find out.